14+ Lovely Mansion Where Darkness Meets Light

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A spacious home surrounded by a wonderful neighborhood and near the beach is the ideal place for any day. The Hauge mansion is enveloped in largely in dark walls inside its chambers to get a cool effect fitting cool winters, whereas the beautiful glowing colors mix in the heat and coziness of summer. Top to bottom, from the towering ceilings moving to the inviting living room and package, to the outstanding kitchen down to the wooden floors, each room and corner of the home exhibits unsurpassable beauty!

The well balanced colors of dark colors and tones aboard a clean white flooring, window frames, and doorways of beautiful woodwork incorporated with transparent glass create a very homey feel. It is personalized, comfy, and breathable using the comparatively high ornate ceiling and that the unique decors that bring life to every room. The kitchen creates a statement coming in the sophistication of black in which appliances, lighting, cookware and dinnerware are well arranged on open shelves. The black dining table comprising square layouts is an ideal fit to the genius of this motif.

The enormous living region comes in that a dark green background where a great sofa sits and a protracted tassel rug rests. There is lots of chairs to unwind with a fantastic novel and lamps to increase the ambiance, whilst lounging and appearing will delight you with an intricately detailed white overhead inside. A small space alongside the living room holds fine round table accents like the fur chair, beautiful bright yellow sunflowers put on a glistening vivid green vase, different wall framework hangings, and a tall bookshelf. This region provides a wonderful view of the outside comprised of a parcel of character right inside the mansion, introduced from the big garden stuffed with healthful crops and trees and a picnic seat.

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Meggan Feeney