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Elegant and magnificent is what can best explain Casbah Cove. This magnificent home is located in Palm Desert along with a mountain. The most outstanding quality of the home is its wealthy and authentic Moroccan styling and décor. The high end layouts and finishes which dominate the home are made by Gordon Stein Design. Gordon Stain is new to designing luxury houses. He’s not just designed His impressive home in Palm Desert, but has also been included in many architectural endeavors in Europe. The final result of His work is always magnificent and luxurious.

Moroccan layout and styling is famous for its amazing finishes. The vibrant colors along with the vibrant designs in the Middle Eastern area always bring a lively appeal. The real Moroccan conventional patterns in addition to the unique decorations are well represented. The home styling is inspired from the African sunrise that is exhibited through using vibrant and glowing abundant orange and crimson colors. Using azure and green colors is aimed at developing a trendy and serene ambience which is emblematic of the sea found in the area. Rich silver, yellow, light brown and gold color tones can also be utilized as a means of portraying the huge sandy desert.

The designer moved to great lengths to make sure that even the tiniest detail is well presented. The use of black granite in the bespoke tiles, archways, lanterns, windows in addition to the saline water pool brings out the very glorious home. Anybody searching for the best and most tasteful home will with no doubt find that this Moroccan styled home a remarkable slice of layout and architecture.

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